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Pisirianthe name of an Amis village台東縣成功鎮白守連部落名
pa'anifogname of an Amis village台東興昌,阿美族部落
pa'aw'awto give money to a witch doctor巫醫的酬金
pa'ayawconcern for * take interest in and help替別人做…,幫助別人…
pa'caswith negative * meaning to seek a temporary solution用以否定語句意指尋找暫時的決定
pa'casAwaay ko 'casan no faloco' ako.I feel there is no way to resolve (this situation). / i.e. no open door.我的心實在無法下定決心
pa'dawto call a fortune teller請人問卜,請人算命
pa'degto do only so much * not overdo * including the idea of being content with what you have僅做範圍內或限制內的工作或責任
pa'elto influence the feelings of影響對某事的感覺
pa'elMapa'el no folad cigra.He was moonstruck他被月亮著迷
pa'elto make feel sleepy令人感覺昏昏欲睡
pa'elMapa'el no sapayo cigra saka mafoti'to cigra.He was anesthetized so he went to sleep.他被藥麻醉,所以他一直在睡著
pa'ilasenthe name of an Amis village花蓮縣瑞穗鄉富源部落名
pa'inalto show but not give * to cause to desire眩耀,使別人羨慕
pa'isalto portion out to分給,分出
pa'kelliterally to put down or hold so that something doesn't move or blow away字面上指壓住或握住東西,使其不能動彈或被風吹走
pa'kelfiguratively to control and restrain freedom比喻用於控制和限制自由
pa'kelMapa'kel noya tamdaw kako.I am controlled by that person.我被那個人控制得毫無自由
pa'nanthe floor of a room地板
pa'nanthe entrance way into a building (North Amis)建築物的大門 (北方阿美語)
pa'nothe seed inside of a fruit核子,種子
pa'nothe egg from an ovary卵巢
pa'noAdam's apple喉結
pa'norto cast anchor拋錨
pa'olicto chant to someone or about someone為某人吟唱
pa'oripayrescuer * deliverer * saviour拯救者
pa'pato clap hands鼓掌,拍手
pa'pato hit onthe shoulder as a friendly gesture拍別人的肩膀表示友愛的態度
pa'pa'to chew * the action of jaws and teeth in chewing咀嚼,顎部與牙齒的動作
pa'pa'a dipper for measuring rice量米的杓子
pa'pa'a gourd used as a water container用來當作裝水的葫蘆
pa'taga bucket水桶
pa'tagmade from wood and of various types各式各樣木製的水桶
paadadato make (someone) sick使人生病
paca'dogto provide clothing or covering給予,穿上或蓋上
paca'dogto drop yoke on the neck of (an ox)將軛套上牛頸
paca'dogto put an ornament on someone將裝飾品給某人帶上
paca'layto drape over the shoulder披戴在肩上
paca'ofto give an answer給一回答
pacafayto be a companion * to go with陪伴,陪同
pacagawto put a necklace on someone給予某人戴上項鍊
pacaglalto heat leftover food蒸熟殘飯或食物
pacahfakto spread out something to lay on as a cloth or coat攤開衣物披掛在某物上擊打
pacahfakto spread out for a cover攤開東西以覆蓋
pacahfakto take someone through an area that has no path帶人橫闖沒有路的地方
pacahfayto drape披開
pacakatto elevate提昇
pacakatto give a higher position賜以高官(高位)給予升官
pacakatto offer up供祭
pacakayto sell出賣,出售,銷售
pacakoto answer * reply回答,答覆
pacalayto stretch out rope and attach to something拉線, 裝線 (為某種需要與目的)
pacalayto harness a water buffalo牛具 (農具) 的背負帶或拉繩
pacamolto add something to把…加諸於,…混合
pacarcarto be in a temporary state居於暫時狀態中
pacarcarPacarcarho ko harateg ako anini.I am in a state of flux in my thinking.我臨時思潮汹湧
pacarcarwith regard to staying暫時逗留
pacarcarO mipacarcaray kako a maro' itini.I am staying here temporarily.我暫時在這裡逗留
pacarcarPacarcarho kako a mafoti'.I am going to sleep a few minutes.我暫時睡一下(一會兒)
paceka nail * nails鐵釘,釘子
pacfato make up a story隨便亂講
pacfato do something incorrectly getting another into trouble說假話
pacfato not tell the truth做不正當的事情,使別人遇到困難
pacfaAka pacfa to sowal.Don't talk off the top of your head / make up a story.不要隨便說話
pacfacfa ko dmak nira.He did the thing altogether incorrectly leaving trouble behind him.胡作非為
paci'cito force * insist on doing though not suitable or reasonable勉強堅持去做不適當或沒理性的事
paci'ciAka ci'cien ko faloco' ako.Don't force me (my heart).不要勉強我的心意
paci'cici'ci cigra a tayra.He went against reason.他硬著要去
paci'egcheek * part of the face面頰
paci'emto point with chin用下巴指出
pacidalto put out in the sun曝晒
paciga rubber slingshot or sword gun for shooting fish (from Japanese)魚槍,彈弓 (引自日語)
pacigkoa rubber sling or sword gun for shooting fish彈弓,魚槍
pacilahto salt or add salt放鹽
pacilita species of birds including the Pied Wagtail and Gray Wagtail白[春鳥]鴿,灰[春鳥]鴿
packilto come upon in visitation來訪
packilMapackil no 'afag nira koya cikawasay.The medium was visited upon by his spiritual power (spirit).魔靈附在某人身上
packilto move upon * inspire鼓舞,激勵,感動
packilMapackil no Fagcalay ' Adigo ko mitiliday to Fagcalay a Codad.The writers of the Bible were inspired by the Holy Spirit.聖經的著者被聖靈所默示
packistusks of an animal動物的尖牙,獠牙
packisthe claw above the foot on a chicken公雞的腳爪
packiseye teeth犬齒
packispackis no wadiseye teeth門牙,犬齒,獠牙
packokto cause someone to be taken totally unawares嚇人,在別人毫無警戒的狀態下突然作出令人驚嚇的舉動
pacna'to take a short break歇一會兒
pacno'to dip or immerse something in liquid把東西弄濕或浸入水中
paco'nekto put inside插入,插枝
pacofayto return something歸還東西
pacofaypacofay to sowalto give an answer回答某人的話,答腔
pacofcofto force a person to drink wine or eat something硬灌,硬塞 (酒類或食物)
pacokto slaughter * to kill with a knife or sword用刀或劍宰殺,刺殺
pacokapto put shoes on someone給某人穿鞋
pacolito oppose * rebel抵抗,頂撞,回嘴
pacoracorRefer to `paoror~詳見 `paoror~
pacpacto beat hard * to thresh out用力鞭打, 打穀
pacpacto hit with twigs用細枝擊打
pacpo'ana frame on which is attached a fish dam * a place where fish gather to be caught in traps捕漁時之漁網竹架,漁網竹架放置在河流之最下游,使被捕之魚滙集在一起
pacremearly * referring to morning only很早,起得早
pada'ciaya plant called Elatostema edule Rob.闊葉樓梯草
padadokibat * a mammal蝙蝠
padafogantreasure chest * closet寶箱(匣),金庫
padagto help * assist幫忙
padago mipadagaya helper * assistant in a task幫忙的人,某種任務上的助手或助理
padagIra haw ko papadagen ako?Is there anything I can do to help?有我需要幫忙的嗎?
padagMamaan mapapadag kita to tayal.How about us helping each other with the work?我們可否相互幫忙?
padagMapapadapadag kita a mickroh.Let's all help push.讓我們用心協力來推
padagana reed back pack藤製的背籃
padahawupper part of the leg陰部雙邊的大腹部分
padahofto give or send a present without expecting return援助金,贊助金
padakaa white foreigner * a foreign country外國人,外國
padakaTayni ko daka i Taiwag a patnak.Foreigners came to Taiwan to spread the gospel.外國人到台灣傳道
padakaan American * America美國人
padalwalls of a building牆壁
padawdawanlamp stand燭台,燈台
padegto put out * literally to extinguish a fire熄滅
padegdegen ko namal.Put the fire out.把火熄滅
padegto turn off關燈
padegto neagate (words)打消別人的話
padeka step-child or step-parent前夫妻之子女或繼父母
padestrials * a wide generic word covering trouble * suffering * difficulties in the world of the spirit as well as physical涵蓋精神和肉體上的痛苦,苦難與困難
padesCipadesay kako.I am having trials.我有苦難,我有很多挫折
padesMapades kako.I am (in a state) of trouble.我很痛苦
padeskapadesan a romi'adtime of trouble受難期間或日子
padesO mipadesay kiso takowanan.You are causing me to go through trial.你帶給我麻煩
padiwawaa funnel-shaped container used in fishing漏斗形的木製品用來捕捉魚的
padiyaca type of soil that is rocky峭壁
padiyawa square tin can四方形鐵罐
padogipoga large bush * Common Melastoma and White-flower Melastoma野牡丹 (山石榴) 白花野牡丹
padoka'to wound打傷
padopilto make stick to * as to cause to cling to skin or paper etc.黏貼,如黏貼東西在皮膚上或紙張上
padtegto deliberately do something when it may seem unreason-able * with positive or negative connotations專程,故意,有意的舉動看起來似乎毫無理由,蘊含肯定或否定的涵意
padtegdteg cigra a mitakaw.He deliberately stole.他專程有意地偷取東西
padtegdteg ko was a miocor Yis Kristoan.God deliberately sent Jesus Christ.上帝專蓄意差遣耶穌基督
paenan edible wild vegetation * bitter可看之野生植物有苦味
pafaloco'anhope * thing that brings hope希望
pafantaganRefer to `kafarawfawan~詳見 `kafarawfawan~
pafatisto share meat caught分享獵得的肉或山珍海味給別人
pafitigenput earrings in / on someone讓某人掛耳環
paflito give給予,贈給
pafliflien kami to riko'.Give me some clothes.請分衣服給我們
paflio fliaythe ones who give施捨者,贈予者,給予的人
pafliO fli nira konini.This is his gift.這是他的贈品
pafliflien nira kako to riko'.Make him give me some clothes.託他人把衣服拿給我
pafliO halipafliay cigra.He is a generous giver.他是很慷慨的人
pafotoanplace for attaching twine纏繞附屬物的地方
pafsocstraight ahead * directly ahead * without distraction直接,直達,直直走
pafsocPafsoc ko rakat nira.He went straight ahead / did not stop along the way.他直接去了,不作任何停留
pafsocto go straight ahead without making turns直直走
pagapenis * male sexual organ陰莖,男人的生殖器
pagala'ento make a space to let through使有間隙,設置間隙以便通過
pagcahthe name the Amis give themselves阿美族人自稱
pagcahin some areas it can refer to all tribal peoples在某些地方以此字涵蓋所有的山地同胞
pagiwgiwto talk about (someone) behind his back說別人的壞話,挑撥是非,挑撥離間
pagkiwCcay ko toki ira ko pagkiw ira cigra a tayni.He came at one thirty (literally one and a half).他一點半到達這裡
pagloya leafy vegetable (from Amoy dialect)萵苣植物 (引自閩南語)
pagpageaves on a building屋簷
pagpagDouble flower gardenia重瓣黃梔
pagpaganthe eaves of a building屋簷
pagpagana porch* a covered entrance to a building引自大門有屋頂覆蓋的走廊
pagtashallow * with literal and figurative meanings淺的,不深的,兼有字面上和比喻上的涵義
pagtaMatalaw cagra to talapagtaan no lonan.They were afraid of the ship running into shallows.他們很害怕船會擱淺
pahafayto provide food for贍養別人,為…提供食物,為…事奉
pahalato direct hands or whatever to receive擋住,頂住
pahalaPahalaen ko para' iso ta sti'en ako kiso.Get your bottom ready for a spanking.預備好,我要打你的屁股
pahapinagto make clear * confirm弄清楚,肯定,確定,證實
pahapinagto decide決定
paharawana bird * migrates through Taiwan in the fall紫嘯鶇,在台灣暫時停留棲息而後再繼續飛行
pahaterto not respond negatively * to let a person do something mean without getting even放任,任憑
pahcekput stakes of wood in the ground as when staking claims立柱,立樁
pahcepto use something to soak up liquid用某東西吸飲液體
pahcraanplace one comes to settle down and stay * referring to a town or village落腳之地,定居之地,指城市或鄉村
pahegto have head feel aching and confused*ears ring有頭暈的感覺 (耳鳴)
pahkoa type of fern that is edible過貓菜,蕨類植物
pahkopahko no lotokwild fern *Taiwan China Fern山上的過貓菜
pahmekto praise * cause to be admired * to honor讚美,讚揚
pahotigto tend a flock (of sheep) * to be a shepherd照顧一羣(羊),牧者
paikorto do something for the last time臨走前或臨終時,交代事情,留言,遺言
paikorpaikor to sowalgive a farewell message臨終前說遺言
paikorpaikor to dmakto do something for the last time做最後的事情,臨行前或臨終前做最後交代
paikorpaikor a pakaento give a farewell meal to (someone who is leaving)給予餞行(對要離開的人)
painito give * place * provide for a situation or need給予,地方或場地,提供一種情況或需要
paino'to give a bath給⋯洗澡
paino'to baptize施洗(基督教儀式)
paisigto go to the doctor給醫生看病
paisigto give medical care (from the doctor's perspective)給予醫藥治療
paisiganhospital * clinic醫院,診所
paka'arawto experience seeing看見
paka'arawability to see視覺能力
paka'oradto make it rain乞雨
pakacowahow? which way?怎樣?走那一條路?
pakadagput a nose ring in裝鼻環
pakaento feed * give food餵養,飼養
pakafana'report * give information報導
pakafogento put a hat on someone給人戴帽子
pakahhip bone臀部
pakakmodaymysterious * not easily understood最深處,不可思議的,神秘的
pakakmodaypakakmoday ko sowalwords have a hidden meaning話中深藏玄機,話中有話,話中有很深的含意
pakalowidable to conquer能夠征服,得勝
pakamaro'cause to sit or stay請別人坐下或停留
pakamayto stretch out or raise one's hand伸手,舉手,援助
pakapsi'to abort * naturally早產,流產,難產,小產,含自然流產
pakara'acname of an Amis village台東縣長濱鄉竹湖部落名
pakarogaya messenger * a young person in the divison of responsibilities of the village報信者;在年齡階級中,階級最低的一級,其行動完全聽命於年長者的命令
pakatiihto abort spontaneously * to lose a child by aborting.自然流產,以墮胎人工流產
pakatiihtiihan ko hofoc.She aborted naturally.她自然流產
pakatiihto dream you aborted夢見你小產
pakawasaya ghost that reveals himself鬼魂顯現
pakaykayto make a bridge (literally)建橋
pakaynithrough * by way of經過,通過,經由,當作,作為,藉著
pakayniyni kita a romakat.We go this way.我們經由這條路走
pakayniyni i patay nira a mahpol ko raraw.Through His deathsins are forgiven.藉著 (通過) 他的死,使我們的罪得赦免
pakayniynien toya tamdaw ko pasowal.Use (as an instrument) that man to speak (to someone).透過那個人,來說這件事
pakayniconcerning * with reference to關於,參照如下
pakayniAwaay ko sowal nira to yniay tonini a dmak.He didn't say anything about this matter.他沒有交待有關這件事情
pakayraby that means通過那個手段
pakayraO fa'lohay a pakayraan konini.1. This is a new method. 2. This is a new religion.1. 這是新辦法 2. 這是新的宗教
pakayrathrough that way藉著那個方法
pakayrayra kita a romakat.Let's walk that way.我們從那一條路走
pakayrayra tora dmak a masalof cigra.Through that event he was corrected.通過那件事,使他回心轉意 (改正)
pakayraAwaay ko pakayraan ita.We have no way (to accomplish a plan).我們沒有辦法 (完成計劃)
pakayrayraw kita a romakat.Let's go that way (pointing in a certain direction).我們從那邊走 (指出某種方向)
pakayraanmethod * way方法,道路
pakayraanreligion. See pakayra宗教,信仰。參閱 pakayra
pakaysigandish cupboard櫥櫃
pakeskesto speak without control or purity說話流利,純正
paki'ayawto put ahead of承讓,讓先
pakidoto do something in a way that is contrary to rules or guidelines做某種與規則或指導原則相反的事情
pakidopakido a somowalto speak discourteously * without thought of courtesy說不禮貌的話
pakidoto exaggerate * misrepresent誇張,詐稱
pakifogohto put on one's head to carry把東西用頭頂搬運
pakifogohto put in one's head / memorize存放於腦筋裡 - 記憶
pakigkigto give an offering奉獻
pakigkigto make a phone call打電話
pakihankle * ankles踝骨,腳踝
pakikapalto place in hand放於手掌上
pakilacto portion out分發
pakimadto tell a story說書,講古
pakimadto preach說教,講道
pakimahodto cook in wooden rice cooker蒸米
pakinalito go too far * exaggerate * to overdo超過,過份,誇大
pakinalinali ko sowal nira.He exaggerated.他講的很過分,說話非常誇張
pakipatto apply glue to * stick closed使之黏住
pakitiraenplace there temporarily暫時擱置在那兒
pakiyawto gamble * using cards or other means (from Amoy dialect)賭博,用撲克牌或其他 (引自閩南語)
pakogawa strong word for giving without expecting return * especially to give to someone in need有強烈意味的援助,不計回報
pakogawto change someone's message with intent to mislead the hearer改變企圖,誤導聽者的消息
pakokotto accuse * to make a charge against * with reference to actions控訴,控告,打小報告,誹謗,說壞話
pakokotO papakokoten ko dmak noya tamdaw.An accusation must be made against the acts of that person.那個人的行為勢必應該被控告
pakokotAka pacfa a pakokot to dmak no sigsi.Don't accuse without clear evidence the acts of a teacher.沒有證據不要隨便告發老師的行為
pakologanplace for water buffalo to sleep牛棚
pakonirato leave on ones own * to let go * assuming no responsibility for but giving freedom to任意,讓,放縱;不負責任意給予充分的自由
pakoniraPakonira aka haenen ko wawa a papisalama.Don't let children / a child go play without supervision.不要放任小孩子玩耍
pakoniraTada mapakoniraay ko dmak nira.He is too much on his own / without accountability.他的行為太任性了
pakoniralet do by oneself * not interfere with * not be involved in讓某人任意去做,任其隨心所慾去作,不干涉
pakonisto put a mark on做記號
pakororthe braiding together of reeds for the edging of a basket修篩子邊緣的修緣法
pakoyocpoor * destitute貧窮的,無依無靠的
pakoyocorphan * without parents孤兒
pakpakto clap hands拍手
pakpakto hit with the hand用手拍人
pakpakto blow smoke from a cigarette or pipe吹烟
pakpakto habitually do something習慣的做某事
pakritto have someone cut切割分享給別人
paktigto stake out an animal tying it up栓住,把動物繫住
palaterritory * district田地
palafield (Kwangfu * Hualien)田地 (花蓮光復語)
palada'to share something you have施捨分享給別人
palaga crow * a raven烏鴉
palahadento feed / provide for growth培育,培養
palakahmawto take lightly something that should be considered seriously視重為輕,將嚴重的事情看成輕而易舉的事,不在乎,看輕
palakakamake to be greater than把…為優,尊…為優
palakecto help someone wade through water幫助別人涉水而過
palaklawto lighten the way for others為別人照明其路,為別人提燈
palakolito make a slave of把人當苦工
palalto awaken * literally from sleep指從睡夢中驚醒過來
palalto become aware * alert concerning醒悟
palalAninito a mapalal ko faloco' iso.At last you have come aware concerning ...你今天終於醒悟過來
palallen cigra.Awaken him.叫醒他
palalMatalipa'lalto kako.1. I was awakened suddenly. 2. I suddenly realized.1. 我忽然驚醒了 2. 我突然覺悟了
palalawa bird * Formosan Whistling Thrush紫嘯鶇
palamitanplace to take root.根基,基礎,根基地,發根之部位
palamlamto make into a mixture * mixing items together as different kinds of books混合在一起,把不同的食料混合
palamoto breed使交配
palamo'celaythe one who makes straight把某人當作正直的人
palamo'celaythe one who justifies (biblical term)被認為正當的人
palanotiregto take for oneself something that didn't belong to him佔為己有
palawacoto degrade誣衊,虐待,侮辱
palawinato seek someone for comfort and encouragement找一位能安慰與鼓勵的人
palawinaansomeone on whom to be dependent可依賴的人
palayapayan Amis village台東縣鹿野村
palfodto rush to finish a task趕工
pali'ayawto do or make preparations before the time時間未到以前預先準備
pali'ayawPali'ayaw cigra a pasowal to nika o aira Kristo.He prophesied of Christ's coming.他預言基督的降臨
palidiga vehicle * such as a wagon or cart * generic term牛車的總稱
palidigPakapalidig cigra a tayra.He went by vehicle / cart.他坐車前往
palidigPakapalidigen konini a si'lac.Take this gravel away in a vehicle / cart.把這些砂礫用車子載運
palifetto put to the test考驗
palifetto give oneself fully with total exertion全力以赴
palifonto pay wages付薪資
palimagta'From magta' (raw * not cooked) * to suddenly be struck down*killed while in perfect health突然死亡,死於非命,英年早逝 (身體非常良好的情形下車禍死亡)
palimagta'o palimagta' hananay a lifagessomeone who is skinned alive活生生地把它剝皮
palimagta'palimagta' a somowalto speak very bluntly with no tact說話直截了當,不經思考就直接說
palimekto enable someone to hide使之躲藏
palimlimto do something openly炫耀,讓別人羨慕
palimlimpa'araw sanayto do something openly炫耀,讓別人羨慕
palimo'otto give commands訓勉,勉勵,勗勉
palineknekento make water settle使之沉澱
palitto be tied * ensnared, with literal and figurative meanings被捆住,約束,被逮捕,被判坐牢;包涵字面上和比喻上的涵義
palitMapalit ko faloco' ako.My heart is ensnared.我的心被束縛 (捆住)
palitato discern * to look and see the true situation辨認,指認,認清,判斷,弄清楚真正情況
palitaMisapalitalita kako anini.I am searching out the matter / investigating now.我正在探查事情的情況
palitalitaenho.Keep taking a look into the situation.先看清楚,先弄清楚
paliwto help each other with field work輪流相互幫忙田裡的工作
paliwO paliw ako cigra a mipanay.He is my partner in harvesting the grain.他是我們割稻的夥伴
paliwMapapaliw kita a mipanay.Let's take turns helping in each others' fields harvesting (no wages given but reciprocal labor).我們以輪流的方式相互幫忙割稻
paliyokena festival apron worn by men流蘇前裙,男的佩裙
paloto hit with something large or flatsurfaced or with the hand用比較大或表面扁平的東西或用手打
palofaanfenced in area for donkey or shed驢柵
palokapokgrass floating on a pond or lake浮萍,布袋蓮
palololto restore something to its original condition事情恢復有原來的狀態
palololMapalolol ko nika ga'ay ita.Our relationship has been restored.我們和好如初
palololMapalololto ko matastasay a palidig.The vehicle has been restored * remade.車子已修復
palomato plant growing things such as crops or flowers種植
paloma'to give a house or land for a house to someone蓋房子,割地建房子
palosayanan orchard果園
pamalatawto go through a religious ritual as when cleansing soldiers who have been through war. There is disagreement in different parts of the tribe as to who goes to malataw -- good people or criminals * hunters * soldiers * or other people involved in killing.經戰亂而回之士兵,都經一個宗教的潔淨儀式。在各族中,有不同的掌權神明,為善男信女或犯罪之人,獵人,士兵, 或殺人者有各不同的宗教儀式
pamatagto go into virgin territory and start from scratch * to colonize開墾或拓殖新地
pamcegto stare凝視,瞪視,目不轉睛
pamigmigto call a medium to do ritual over a sick person邀請巫師驅逐死人靈魂或驅逐致病邪靈的儀式
pamigmigto pay a medium給巫師代價酬勞
pamotekto stare * gaze intently瞪眼注視,瞪大眼睛
pana'a bow for shooting arrows弓箭
pana'sapipana' a tiloa bow snare弓插機
panahala piece of ground with nothing growing on it but short grass平坦無物,只長短草的一塊地
panayrice * the harvested grain稻子
panayPanay, name for a womanPanay, 女人的名字
panaygeneric word for grain稻的總稱
pancesthe rudder of a ship
pancounderpants (from Japanese and English)內褲 (引自日語和英語)
paniishair that grows above and beside the ears雙鬢的部分,臉旁靠耳際的部位
paniyaro'ana place to establish a village when the group moves部落的所在地,部落的位置
panonorto immediately do what can be done as available立即做隨手漸次所能夠作的事情
paogoganname of an Amis village台東成功鎮八翁翁部落名
paonollet do by oneself * not interfere with * not be involved in讓某人任意去做,任其隨心所慾去作,不干涉
paororto stir up * arouse people to do something evil促使,唆使別人做不正當的事
paosato take food to someone as to workers in a field將飯盆送給在田裡工作者
papa'oga bird * House Martin燕子
papa'ogRed rumped Swallow紅尾燕
papa'ogHouse Swift and White throated Spinetail Swift褐雨燕
papahleaf * leaves葉子
papahcipapahay a dategleafy vegetable有葉的蔬菜
papana'enthe scoreboad箭靶
papana'enthing to be shot with arrows目標
papayciancoin purse錢袋,錢包
papaysoanmoney bag * purse錢袋,錢包
papegto beat out * thresh out打稻具
papidapay money付錢
papikdana term describing men in the 35-40 year age group * men in full strength of maturity with experience描寫人到35 歲至40歲之間,壯年期的術語,男人正值精力充沛經驗豐富時期
papikedaninformant * source of information眼線,資料或消息來源
papohemorrhoid *a swelling at the anus腫脹,痔核
papoa tree * Elaeocarpus argenteus腺葉杜英
papoa swelling脹大,隆起,膨脹
papotala generic word for outdoors * outside of the immediate context外面的總稱,臨近的外圍
para'seat * part of your body with which you sit * bottom身體用以坐下的屁股部位
para'the bottom of a container such as a bucket容器如水桶底部
para'the stern of a ship * the back of a vehicle輪船尾部,車子的後部
paracto interrupt sleep妨礙睡眠
paracMaparac ko foti' ako.My sleep was interrupted.我的睡眠被干擾
paracAka piparac to foti' ako.Don't interrupt my sleep.不要妨礙我的睡眠
parafasto give so much that there is an over supply比標準多一點,多出
paranaanthe base * foundation地基,基部
paranaanparanaan no loma'the building's foundation建築物的根基
parara table桌子
parekpekto march * the beat of feet長途跋涉,用力踏步
parikorto do for the last time最後的交代
parikorparikor to sowalto make a farewell speech告別辭
parikorparikor to dmakto help with some activity for the last time (before leaving)臨行前對一些活動,做最後的交代與協助
parikorparikor a pakaento give a farewell meal to (someone who is leaving)臨別請客,餞行
pariwanthe name of a neighboring tribal group in Taiwan called the Paiwan排灣族
paromembers of a group一個團體的組成份子
parona ko paro no loma' iso?How many members are there in your family?你家有幾口人?
parocontents of⋯的內容
paroO maan ko paro noya kaysigWhat is in that dish?裝在碗裡面的是什麼東西?
paroto put inside of裝進裡面
paroroen konini i palidig ako.Put this in my vehicle.請把這東西裝在我的車子裡
paro'otto see a person off * saying farewell and staying behind and watching him go目送,歡送,送行,說聲珍重再見,站在那裡目送他走
parodcookig stove * hearth爐灶
parogapigthe edge of clothing縫紉,縫合衣服的邊緣
parokthe tree and its flower which is like cotton棉花
parokno kilag a paroka tree * Bombox helaphylla willd木棉
parokheavy quilts * pugai * made from cotton-like stuffing棉被
parokpokto gallop飛馳,飛奔離去
parparto beat out grain or beans from the shells or husks打碎外殼取五穀或豆類
pasafafawto hike upriver through the riverbed or go in a boat往上而行,逆流而上
pasamoto improvise * do something temporarily臨時而作,即興而作之意
pasamopasamo to sowalgive the gist of the matter in words說要點,即興略說事情的要旨
pasamomoen ita ko dmak anini.For now let's improvise.今天讓我們即興而作以表敬意
pasaripa'ana place to put ones feet踏步的地方
pasasi'ayawto cause to face each other面對面
pasaynidirectly this way as the bird flies如飛鳥直飛而至
pasayniyni ko rakat nira.He is headed this direction.他走向這裡來
pasayniynien ko faloco'.Give me your full attention. (speaker is the focus point).(請注意),請全神貫注在這裡
pasayrato be directed the other direction as the bird flies別的方向,如鳥之飛走
pasayrayra a minegneg.Look that direction.請向那邊觀看
pasayrayraen ko faloco.Give your full attention to that (away from speaker).請全神向那邊貫注
pasayrapasayra ko rakat nira.He is headed in that direction他往向那邊走
pasi'ayawto face ahead in direction向前
pasifafa'eddirected towards above向上(走或看)
pasifana'teach * give instruction教導,教書,教學
pasikaento eat all food * not just rice吃擺出來的食物(不只是吃飯而已)
pasikaencommand to shy uneasy dinner guests催客氣的食客吃菜餚
pasiketattach to * hook up to屬於,鈎住
pasimalto add oil / gasoline加油 / 汽油
pasimalto rub oil or grease on塗油
pasimalto cook with oil煮菜要用油,烹調時菜上加油
pasiriansheep, goat pen羊舍,山羊舍
paskato hesitate遲疑,躊躇
paskaO maan ko kapaskaan iso?What is causing you to be inhibited / double-minded?你擔心什麼/你遲疑什麼?
paskato be afraid * to have inhibitions害怕,抑制
paskaskaska ko faloco' nira anini.He seems so inhibited * unnatural in responding at present.他現在心情似乎有些很驚慌,他現在反應不自然
paskato be double minded * to have reservations三心二意
pasla'to rest休息
pasla'to give breath * i.e. to rest休息,放假
pasmato stick out one's tongue伸舌頭
pasobus (from Japanese and English)巴士 (引自日語和英語)
paso'linto believe * literally to cause / make out to be true * to have confidence相信,信任;字面上說那是真的理由;有確信
paso'linCima ko papaso'linen ita?Who can we believe?誰值得我們信任?
paso'linPakapaso'lin kiso haw?Can you believe?你能相信嗎?
paso'linPaso'linen ko sowal ako.Believe what I say.請相信我所說的話
paso'linO maan ko nipaso'linan iso?What doctrine do you believe?你相信什麼呢?
pasoganan Amis village台東縣長濱鄉白桑安阿美族部落
pasorotpay dues捐贈
pasta'to suddenly fall down flat突然摔倒
pasta'Mapasta' kako nai palidig.I fell out of the cart flat on the ground.我從車子摔出而跌在地上
pastegto stake out * tie up to * referring to animals拴住,綁,捆,用繩子繫住 (家禽)
pastekto figuaratively cut something * i.e. to make a decision比喻上指對某些事物的決斷, 就是做某種決定
pastekMapastekto ko sowal.The matter is settled / decided.話已決定,事情已決定
pastekO pastekanto a romi'ad anini.This is the day that was set.今天是決定的日子
pastekpasteko i patay koya ciraraway a tamdaw.That sinner is condemned to death.那個罪人被宣判死刑
pastekMapastekto i raraw kika o tamdaw.We people have been condemned in sin.我們人類被定在罪中
patadato be ready to receive before the object hits the ground東西接到地面以前先舖上墊子以策安然地接下東西
patadato hold so that the object is in the right position鋪上墊子使東西屹立不搖
patadasto begin something new重新開始
patadasPatadas cagra anini a misaloma'.They are beginning to build a house.他們開始重新蓋房子
patadasPatadas cagra to omah.The are making land into a field.他們重新耕地開拓
patadoto do for someone else so they don't have to do it themselves代某人默默的去做,使他們不必為他們該做的事去做
patadoPatado Yis titaanan a milahci to dmak.Jesus did the work for us (we don't have to do it).耶穌為我們完成救贖的工作
patafakto give a cigarette or tobacco分享香烟或烟絲,以香烟招待
patafoanlunch basket and its contents便當盒
patagalRefer to `mihtagal~詳見 `mihtagal~
patahtahwith sowal - to tell everything胡說
patahtahto do any way but not correctly任意做但不正確 
patahtahPatahtah saan cigra a parakat to citosiya.He drove the car as he pleased (without regard to rules).他開車橫衝直撞不顧交通規則
patahtahwith 'orip - to live a life of ease and luxury生活遊手好閒,並且奢侈
patakosaya messenger to bring ambassadors from another village特派員,傳達信息的人,天使
patalato prepare * make preparations literally to make / cause to wait準備,預備,籌備,預先 準備;字面上說明等待的理由
patalaPatalaen ko faloco' iso.Prepare your heart.請你預備心
patala'ayawto send on ahead領到前面來
patalahkalto reveal公開,顯示
patalahkalconfess * reveal承認,認罪,自認,啓示,告別
patalahkalMapatalahkalto koya dmakThe thing is revealed.事情已經被公開了
patalahkalPatalahkalto ko raraw iso.Confess your sin.你要告白你的罪
patalawto threaten恐嚇,威脅
pataloma'to have a wedding * to marry * give in marriage結婚,婚禮,娶親
pataloma'Literally to take into the home be cause an in law has been brought into the home字面上指把媳婦(新娘)或贅婿(新郎)帶回家的意思
pataloma'O pipataloma'an to wawa niyam anini.This is the day to marry our child.今天是我們兒子結婚大喜的日子
patarodto substitute an item or person for the original儲備,後補,代替
patarodO tarod cigra a mimali.He is a substitute ball player.他是後補球員
patarodO tarod konini a kikay to matastasayThis machine is a substitute for the original which is not working.這個機械是要替換原來已損壞的機械
pataydeath * to die
patayMapatayto cigra.He died.他死了
patayKinapatayto cigra.He killed himself.他自殺了
patayO kapatayan nira a romi'adthe day he died他死亡的日期
pataytayen koya waco.Kill that dog.把那隻狗打死
pataytayen cigra to 'ada ako.Make him / have him kill my enemy.叫他殺死我的敵人
patayO papatayen cigra.He must be killed.他是要被槍斃的人
patayfigurtatively to be crushed and despair比喻希望被粉碎和絕望
patayMapatayto ko faloco' ako.I have lost my spirit.我的心已死了
patayto go to extreme limits to do something極盡限制去做某些事情
pataypatay a misimed to patlacsearch to protect ones reputation from scrutiny他極盡掩飾他的錯誤
patayi'to put manure on施肥
patdoto do something in a way that is contrary to rules or guidelines做違犯規則與指導原則的事情
patdoAka patdo to dmak.Don't do things without regard for principle.不要任意做違犯原則的事情
patdoPatdo ko sowal nira.He talked without thought for feelings or propriety.他隨便亂說
pateka thousand, number value一千,數目
patekO kakridan no sapatekey a sofitay cigra.He is officer over one thousand soldiers.他是千夫長
pateka knife or machete handle刀柄,把手
paterto make run fast with reference to pedaling a bicycle速度跑的很快,參考騎腳踏車
patfoto light upon * to descend and perch or settle upon着落,降落,飛棲安居
patfopatfo to sowalto decide to do something答覆
patifaragto cross one's legs把腿交叉在別人腿上睡
patiha fence or wall made of grass or bamboo圍牆,防風牆,或草製或竹製牆壁
patiregto cause to stand * make stand使之站立
patiregPatiregen koya matfaday a hcek.Stand up the pole that has fallen.把倒下來的柱子豎立起來
patiregto establish建立
patiregto build就任,建築
patiregMipatiregay cagra to loma' anini.They are building a house right now.他們現在正在建房子
patiregMapatiregto cigra a mala hogti.He was elected president / king.他已被封為王子,他已被選為總統了
patiyamto sell merchandise做生意,做買賣,交易
patiyamaya shop * place of business雜貨店,生意人,店舖
patkelto make go without eating不給予吃東西
patlacto miss the mark錯劃記號,錯過記號
patlacto make a mistake * do the wrong thing犯錯,做錯事
patlawthe upper arm * from the elbow to the shoulder手臂肌肉,從肘部至肩膀的肌肉
patlito put or place放置
patliana place to put something放置處
pato'to swell腫脹
pato'Mapato' ko mata ako to nano tomagican ako.My eyes are swollen from crying我眼睛而哭泣而腫起來
pato'ayato offer in ritual a sacrifice something that must be killed獻祭牲物;殺生供奉祭品
pato'aya sapato'aya ko tireg Yis.Jesus' body became a blood sacrifice.耶穌的身體被供為祭品
pato'ayapipato'ayaan a romi'adday for offering a sacrifice獻祭的日子
patogarenupper garments男用長外衣
patokoanplace where beam is anchored to a cross beam木頭交叉會合之地方
patonekto set * establish * decide設定,指定,設立,構想
patonekO pipatonekan a romi'ad anini.This is the date that was set (as for a conference).今天是指定 (決定) 的日子
patonekPatoneken ko sowal.Make a decision (about a matter).做一個決定(有關事件)
patonekwith reference to time指時間
patonekplace or words or ideas or plans地點、觀念或計畫
patonoto see someone off, to bid farewell staying behind歡送,目送,餞行;囑咐後,停住目送
patorodto hand over responsibility for委託,拜託,託負,交記,交付
patorodPatoroden kako tonini a tayal.Give me this responsibility.把這工作交給我做
patorodO pipatorodan a romi'ad anini.This is the day that the responsibility changes hands.今天是交負重任的日期
patorodO papatoroden ako i tisowanan konini a dmak.I must turn over this matter to you.這件事情我要交託給你去做
patosokangoal * objective * purpose目的地,目標,箭靶
patroganname of an Amis village花蓮縣豐濱鄉新社部落名
pawacayto give evidence提出證物
pawacayto witness做見證,做證人
pawadisto cut a tooth長牙,出牙
pawalito dry outside
pawaliMipawali ko fiyaw to panay nagra.The neighbors are drying their rice (on the drying floor).隔壁鄰居在曬他們的穀子
pawaliPawalien ko riko'.Hang up the clothes to dry.把衣服拿去曬
pawanto forget忘記
pawanMapawan kako a pasowal i graan.I forgot to tell him.我忘了告訴他
pawanO maan ko kapawanan iso?What did you forget?你忘了什麼呢?
pawawato give offspring使受孕
pawawato charge interest生利息
pawigto lean head to one side歪頭,頭傾向一邊
pawlibanana * bananas香蕉
pawpawto drift * be afloat, with literal and figurative meanings飄浮,猶豫,不固定,不穩重,輕浮;字面上和比喻上的涵義
pawpawMapawpaw ko faloco' ako anini.My heart is adrift / i.e. I have no direction for what to do.今天我心情猶豫不決,今天我心飄浮不定
pawpawMapawpaw ko sowal nira.His words are without significance * impractical.他的話很膚淺
pawpawMapawpaw ko 'aol i riyar.Bamboo is adrift in the ocean.竹子在海中飄浮
pawtigunny sack * gunny sacking * burlap麻袋,粗麻布
payaa sign or notice attached to something牌子
payakto fall over in one piece as for a fence to fall down整塊的傾倒在地上,如同整塊圍牆或籬笆
payaxto break down破壞,弄壞,壓毀
payaxas of dirt dikes between terraces of rice fields如破壞田裡之間田埂及壕溝
payayokaan edible vegetation * Diplocyclos palmatus百香果
paycia coin * coins錢幣
paycigeneric in some dialects for money某些方言指錢的總稱
paydasa species of tree * Philippine Hackberry cinnamon肉桂
payoto apply medicine or insecticide治療
payomipayo to panayto spray the rice fields with insecticide水稻噴灑農藥
payomipayo to adadaay1. take sick person to the doctor 2. give medicine to / treat the sick person1. 帶病人給醫生看 2. 給病人吃藥/或治療病人
payragTaiwanese people台灣人
paysintaboo * the thought of taboo禁忌,迷信,忌諱
paysinysin aka ka saan a komaen to titi.Don't consider it taboo to eat meat.不要以為吃豬肉是違犯禁忌
paysinAdihay ko kapaysinan no 'Amis itiyaho.The Amis used to have a lot of sacred and religious prohibitions / taboo.古代阿美族有很多禁忌 (迷信)
paysogeneric term for money錢,銀幣,錢幣,鈔票
paytmekto each do his own way * do his own thing * individually各做各的,自掃門前雪
pca'out of joint * dislocated from the joint so that the end hangs loose折斷,踹斷,脫臼,斷層
pca'referring to people or things指人或事物
pca'Mapca' ko kamay.The lower arm hangs loose at the elbow.手折斷,手脫臼
pca'Aka pipca' to ca'ag no kilag.Don't break loose the tree branch (at the joint).不要折樹枝
pcasdislocated or broken at the joint so that the end hangs loose as of branches of a tree or a broken limb在結枝部位斷裂使尾部倒懸在那兒如同斷裂的樹枝或手臂
pcasPcasen ko ca'ag ta ma'araw.Break the branch so that it dangles then we can see.要折斷樹枝才可以看見
pcecflattened out and crushed by being stamped on or being hit with heavy weight (of living things)擠壓,壓扁,把有生命的東西用很大的重量壓扁或擊碎
pcecAka pipcec to fao.Don't smash living creatures.不要壓死昆蟲
pcecMapcec no palidig ko posi.The vehicle smashed the cat.貓被車子壓死
pci'to break in pieces (South)破碎 (南部阿美語)
pci'to break with only one piece missing (Hualien)破缺一塊 (花蓮語)
pci'to divide and share * as for example food or land擘開食 物分享給別人,分一塊給人
pci'papci' to flyaw namo to ccay a siri.Divide with your neighbors one sheep.與你鄰居平分一隻羊
pcicito press on from two directions as when squeezing out pus from an infected pimple從兩個不同的方向同時擠壓,如擠出疔瘡或面疱的膿液
pcihto break in half or take a piece off of as a loaf of bread as a lump of rice or lump of earth擘成一半或取走一半,如擘一塊麵包,如擘飯糰或成塊泥團
pcihMapcihay koya 'pag.Part of the loaf has been broken off.麵包被擘開一塊
pcihMapcih nira ko 'pag.He broke off a piece of bread.他擘了一塊麵包
pco'to pick fruit from a tree or a bush從樹或灌木上摘取果實
pcodto leave * cause to leave place to which thing is attached相接的部位鬆掉
pcodengrab hold of (a command)(命令)鬆開
pcohsnails found on rocks on the beach with edible flesh黏附在海岸岩石上可食的海螺
pcohto take someone's place away from him趕他走而後把他的住處佔為己有
pdadacripped clothing * badly torn衣服被撕裂一塊(穿在身上的)
pdadokia bat * mammal蝙蝠
pdegstate of having ears hurt from too much noise and confusion聲音響的過大和嘈雜聲所引起的聽覺傷害
pdekto put out * as when lights are turned off熄滅,關燈
pdekMapdek ko tigki.The electricity was switched off.熄滅
pdekpapdek ko mata.Eyes are blinking.眼睛會眨,眼睛開閉
pdikdrooping * folded over * as the ears of a dog摺疊,垂耳 (如狗)
pdikPdiken ko tatiplok.Fold the paper over.把紙摺疊起來
pdikMapdik ko tagila noya waco.That dog's ears droop.那隻狗的耳朵垂下來
pdocto suddenly turn around and leave溜走,閃躲 (突然開溜)
pdohthe white pulp inside of a tree such as is used in making paper樹幹中間有白軟塊可作為紙張的原料
pdohto be empty * disappear, as the contents of a container中空,如容器內面
pdohMapdohto / mahoracto ko lofoc ako.My sack is empty (contents have disappeared / fallen out).我的袋子已空了(內裝的物品不見了或完全倒出來)
pedpedto crowd * pack solid群眾擁擠,人山人海
pedpedMapedped ko salikaka a milihay.The Christians were packed / crowded in the worship service.參加禮拜的信徒擠滿了教堂
pekpekto beat with hand or board用手或木棍猛敲,猛打
pekpekPekpeken nira ko falohag nira.He beat his chest.他捶打他的胸部
pekpekMapekpek no wawa koya kolog.That water buffalo was beaten by the children.那隻牛被孩子們猛打
pelpelto break or crush by beating使破碎,使粉碎
pelpelMepelpel no palidig koya 'aol.That bamboo was broken by the vehicle.那根竹子被車子壓碎
pelpelAka pipelpel to kaysig.Don't break the dish.不要把碗打碎
pespesthe act of many people piling rebuke on one person許多人重複地,非難或叱責一個人的不是
pespesone person saying a lot to put down someone一個人說太多壓制或駁倒對方的話
pi'arawanmodel * example樣本,藍圖,模式,一覽表,範例
pi'ayawan apron * From 'ayaw圍裙,從字根'ayaw 衍生而來
pi'daca scar from a wound傷疤,疤痕
pi'daca barren slope from a landslide or erosion不毛之斜坡山崩或浸蝕
pi'eca small basket made of bamboo小竹籃
pi'iwto be lame * crippled in one's legs or referring to the way one walks跛腳的,或指一個人走路的樣子
pi'iwo mapi'iwaya person who is crippled in his legs跛腳的人
pi'iwMapi'iw ko rakat nira.He walks with lameness.他一拐一拐的走,他搖擺的走
pi'iw pi'iwa nickname given to a lame person指跛腳的人,對跛腳者的暱稱
pi'kolanhip bone臀骨,耻骨
pi'pito press and pack * as to pack a bowl with rice緊壓,如緊壓碗裡的飯
pi'pi'to clap hands拍手,鼓掌
pi'teganplace where dam is placed for fishing涸魚之堤堰
picidto be torn on the edge從邊緣破裂
picidreferring to paper or cloth如紙或衣服
picida greenish seaweed呈綠色的海草(海藻)
piciwto have a piece torn off or out an object撕裂成大缺口
piciwcomes to be a generic word for something broken or spoiled繁衍成任何東西破碎或損壞
piciwMapiciw ko tagila no rinom.The head of the needle isbroken.針孔斷裂了
picpicto tear in pieces paper or material把紙或資料撕成一片一片的
picpicMapicpic no totoy niyam ko tikami ako.Our puppy has shredded in pieces my letter.我的信被小狗咬碎成一片一片的
pidao cipidaay a tamdawa rich person有錢人,富裕的人
pidahto conquer征服,克服,打勝,打贏
pidahpayanclothes line * bamboo pole曬衣場,曬衣繩,曬衣竿
piecto become a narrow passage逐漸狹窄
piecto become dead ended as a land structure死路,如土地結構所形成的死巷
piecMapiec ko lalan.The trail has become very narrow.路愈來愈狹窄,路逐漸變小
piflacana basket for rice that has been milled貯放米的籃筐
piganpeace (from Chinese) a Christian greeting used when passing or meeting a person of the same faith平安 (引自國語) 基督徒相遇或交錯時互相問候與祝福的話
pigapigto flap * as the disconnected jointed section of a thing that hangs loose東西相接的部位鬆脫而垂下飄動的現象
pigapigMapigapig ko sapikpik no 'ayam.The bird's wing hangs loose flapping from being broken.鳥的翅膀因受傷而垂下飄搖
pigaroyto lean head on one's hand用手把頭撐起來,用手托住顎的姿勢
pigkoto be bankrupt破產,倒閉
pigo'to bend as if to collapse拉住使人翻倒
pigo'as to come behind a person and bend his legs so that he almost loses his balance如來到別人的背後,在別人不備時拉住他的腳使他幾乎完全失去平衡
pihpihto fan搖動,揮動
pihpihMipihpih to sapikpik ko 'ayam.Birds flap their wings and / or fly.鳥揮動翅膀而飛
pikacawana lookout tower in former Amis villages * place where youth slept and guarded the village瞭望台,哨站,守備地點
pikadafoanplace where you become an in-law婆家或入贅的家
pikagkagantime to plow犁田時期
pikagkaganfield to be plowed要耕之田
pikcoranviewpoint to look on a scene守望台,瞭望台
pikedbent crooked * as of metal弄曲,如金屬物質
pikedkeden ko wa'ay iso.Bend your legs * as to kneel.彎曲雙腳,如跪下之狀
pikelstrong and inflexible * as a wire that springs back and refuses to bend堅硬而無伸縮性的,如同竹子彈回來而不再彎曲
pikelinflexible figuratively比喻上的堅定,不屈不撓
pikelpossible to in fluence and change不易屈曲
piki'adiganto hide and be protected避難所
pikigdisabled limb * shriveled * does not move手臂脫臼
pikointersection * place where there is a turn in the road交叉點,路轉彎的地方
pikoen(a command to) turn at that point使彎曲,弄彎 (驅使語,命令語)
pikogkogana drum made from a tree trunk * used to arouse the village to action鼓是用樹幹做的,用來喚醒村民的行動
pikpikto fly擺動翅膀而飛
pilali'opanplace to wash one's face盥洗台
pilaliwanway of escape逃走之路
pilaocancouncil room會議室
pilaocanplace where a guard stands衛兵哨,崗哨
pilecto turn one's ankle腳扭斷
pilecto be weary or ill from work疲倦,厭倦,精疲力竭
piletto twist and break as of a limb手扭傷
piletto twist and break as to take cooked vegetables and break them off in one's hand把菜扭斷去煮
pili'to choose * pick one選擇,挑選
pili'Cima ko li'an ita inacila?Who did we choose the other day?前幾天我們選的是誰?
pili'Mapili' kako a mala mamatayal.I was chosen to serve.我被選選為服務員
pili'dislike * detest挑剔
pili'kapili'an no tamdaw / ka'osian no tamdawsomeone who is disliked by people被人淘汰的,被人所厭惡的
piliclicancourt room法庭,法院
piliclicanjudgment day判決,審判之日子
pilifetana time or place of testing考試場所或時間
pilihayanplace of worship禮拜堂
pilipayanday of worship * Sunday禮拜日,星期日
pilohto collapse * as a house blown by the wind使之傾倒,吹倒,倒塌如房子
pimamaanperson to be depended upon可依靠的人
pinahow many?多少?
pinana a fotig ko maalaay namo?How many fish did you get?你們捕到多少魚?
pinaCaay ka pina ko maalaay niyam.We didn't get many.我們沒有捕到很多
pinana ko paro no loma' namo?How many members are in your family?你們家有幾口人?
pinaTayra ko napina ita a miholol.Let's several of us go and visit.有幾個人去拜訪
pinamore than two or three比二或三多一點
pinaKinapina / kinapinapina kako a milicay graanI asked him a number of times.我問他好幾次
pina'agantime or place to put things away儲藏室,保險箱
pina'awa species of tree * Camptotheca acuminata Decne旱蓮(喜樹)
pina'oripdomestic animals家禽家畜
pinagsign * evidence * clue符號, 證據, 線索
pinagAwaay ko pinag to dmak nira.It is impossible to figure out what he is doing.無法了解他到底在做什麼
pinagCipinagto kako anini a miharateg.I have some evidence now to go on in thinking.我現在已經有頭緒了
pinagCaay ka cipinag ko faloco' noya tamdaw.There is no clarity in viewing the attitude of that person / i.e. he appears ambiguous.那個人拿不定主意
pinagO maan ko cipinagan iso a mafana'?How do you know? / What evidence do you have to know?你是依據什麼瞭解的?你是如何知道的呢?
pinagO nagan nira konini.This is his nature / habit / way he acts.這是他的習慣
pinalcikbroken pieces * broken bits碎物,撕裂之物,碎片
pinalomaanything planted to be used as food任何種植的可食植物
pinani'oltadpoles * offspring of frogs小蝌蚪
pinanomanplace to drink water喝水的地方
pinapcihall the pieces, as left over pieces of loaves of bread麵包切片,如被遺下的許多塊狀麵包
pinarciksmall pottery pieces小碎片 (飛躍出去)
pinarothe contents of a container內容,容量
pincasto be borken at the joint and hang loose as a branch of a tree在分叉處斷裂,如樹枝
pinoerto use one's elbow to lean on something用手支撐在東西上
pintohto break * pull out of the joint where it grows * as tuberous kinds of plants把野薑花的莖扯斷
pipa flute笛子,哨子
pipacpacanthreshing frame on which harvested produce is lain and beaten out收割時用來打穀的框子
pipakaenanplace to feed (something)放牧的地方,餵飼的槽,飼養的地方(場所)
pipalmedantime for giving blessing賜福之日
pipalomaangarden * place to plant and grow things花園,種植之地
pipamotekanthe goal * object in view * place towards which one is headed目標,靶標的,鵠的
pipanayanplace of harvest割稻之地
pipanayantime of harvesting收割時期
pipatfoana place to settle down upon * a perch降落點,「烏」棲木,安居之地,飛機場
pipato'ayaanplace where sacrifice is made祭壇
pirina'ana printing press * printing shop印刷廠
pirora'aya tree * Homalanthus fast uosus (Euphorbiacece)單萼木
pirorodanmodel * example模型,標本,樣本
pisadateganvegetable garden菜園
pisalisinantime of a festival祭禮之時間
pisaliwayantime for fasting齋戒日
pisfegana hut in a field where a person stays who is watching the crops so they are not stolen田中小屋,供看守者休憩用,以免穀物被盜
pisfegana pillbox where a soldier stands guard士兵守衛之崗哨 (瞭望台)
pisigMapapisipisig kita.Let's meet face to face.讓我們相互見面
pisigsig kita a tayra. O sig aca itaLet's go and make our appearance (at a meeting). We won't stay.我們去照個面將不逗留
pisigAwaay ko pisig ako anini. Pa'onig kiso to pisig ako.I have lost face. You stained my face / made me lose face.我今天沒有面子,你丟盡我的面子,你使我失面子
pisiketanplace where something is joined or attached附著處,接合處
pisotto break * with reference to thread指線絲,纖維的斷裂
pisotMapisot ko ciwawa nira.She stopped bearing children.他不再生小孩了
pisto'to come apart鬆脫
pisto'Mapisto' ko pitaw.The handle of the hoe comes apart from the metal hoe.鋤頭的柄脫落
pitapesana winnowing floor篩揚場
pitawO tawen konini a sra.This soil must be worked up with a hoe.這塊地是要用鋤頭耕作的
pitekto break * snap off折斷
pitekMapitek ko wa'ay nira.His leg is broken.他的腳折斷,他的腳脫臼
pitifekana mill碾米廠
pitifekana rice polishing machine碾米機
pitigto snag a thread斷線,拉斷
pito pito a romi'ad 'i pahanhanto ko was.God rested the seventh day.第七天,上帝就休息
pitoto kita a tayra.Seven of us will go.我們共有七個人要去
pito'asana place from which the parents of the home's family originated祖籍
pitosorto kneel跪下
pitosorO mipitosoray cigra a mitolon.He is kneeling in prayer.他是跪下來禱告的
piyaka metal trap to catch the foot of something捕捉器
piyasdiarrhea * loose bowels腹瀉
piyasMapiyas koya adadaay.That sick person has diarrhea.那個病人在下痢
piyocto suddenly turn around and leave突然掉頭就走
pkawto suddenly run away quickly突然奔馳跑掉
pkawAlapkapkaw cagra a milaliw.They all fled.他們各自飛奔逃走
pla'to split into two劈開
pla'O pla' konini.This is half of something split.這是另一半
pla'Pla' en ko kasoy.Chop / split wood把柴火劈開
plegto destroy * collapse * fall apart * break up打碎,毀壞,倒閉,崩潰,瓦解
plegAka pipleg to loma' ita.Don't destroy our home.不要破壞我們的家
plegMaplegto ko niyaro' nagra.Their village is destroyed.他們的部落被摧毀了
plekto go off and on * to blink眨眼,閉眼死了,霎眼
plekPaplek ko mata.The eyes blinked.眼睛在霎著
plesto knock people down with words * to criticize用話壓制別人
plesto smash something large so that the insides come out or are detached as a chicken run over by a vehicle or hand smashed in machinery.打碎東西使裡面東西出來,或支離破碎如雞被輾死狀或手被機器壓碎
plocto pull off * disengage as to take off a ring * as to let down a baby that has been tied on its mother's back鬆脫,如戒指、手燭等脫落,如揹在背上的孩子帶子鬆掉而墬落
plocsaploc a wawathe last child * the youngest最小的孩子
pna'oripdomestic animals飼養的家畜
pnalomaanything planted to be used as food任何種植的可食植物
pnecto press down so that the thing is under one's hand or tool用手或東西壓制東西
pnecto roll over on top of在…頂上滾壓過去
pnecto press down so that liquid comes out as whenmaking soy milk擠壓出汁如作豆漿的過程
pnena plant with a stalk used in making walls in huts or shelters關草桿用來製作茅屋或工寮的牆壁
po'ito be angry責罵,生氣
po'iMapo'i kako i tisowanan.I am angry with you.我對你很生氣
po'iO maan ko kapo'ian iso takowanan?What are you angry with me about?你對我生什麼氣?
po'lacto get to the bottom of something * to expose * deal with深入事情的底部,揭露,處置
po'lacPo'lacen ko sowal.Speak to issue.請詳細說明,請說清楚
po'lacMapo'lacto anini koya dmak.The matter has been exposed now.那件事情已經查出來了,已水落石出了
po'nershort * low in height矮,短小
po'nermisapo'ner to faloco'to take a low place * humble one's heart低姿勢,謙卑
po'otknife * knives刀,匕首
po'otCipo'ot cigra.He has a knife.他有帶刀,他有佩刀
poda'cataract * a white covering on the eye leading to partial or complete blindness白內障
poda'pus from the eyes眼屎
podaca covering * cover
podaca shell * as a peanut shell殼,蛋殼
podawsmall river fish * minnows魚苗,鯉科小魚
podohjealous (South)嫉妒 (南部語)
podohnot want to share (Hualien county)吝嗇 (花蓮語)
podohbone earrings骨製耳環
podokfungus * skin disease皮膚病,頭癬
podokwhite skin白癬
podpodto use hands to pick up pieces of things that are lying in the dirt撿拾散落在地上的東西
poetto plug a hole塞住,堵住
poetAka poeten ko tagila iso.Don't plug your ears.不要把耳朵塞住
pogkagtunnel * a road made through a mountain (from Amoy dialect)山洞,隧道 (引自閩南語)
pogkibasket for rubbish簸箕
pogodanan Amis village台東市大橋部落名
pohalexperience (with negative)沒有經驗
pohalholes in sweet potatoes把馬鈴薯燜在洞內
pohalAwaay ko pohal ako tonini a tayal.I have no experience in this kind of work.我沒有這種工作經驗
pohawto be blind * not able to see瞎,看不見
pohedgeneric word for rotten腐爛的總稱
pohedMapohed koya kilag.That tree / wood is rotten.那棵樹腐爛了
pohedMapohed ko mami' ita.Our oranges are rotten.我的柑橘腐爛了
pohoghorns of animals動物的角
pohpohto stroke with hand撫摸
pohpohAka pipohpoh toya posi.Don't pet that cat.不要撫摸那隻貓
pohpoho papohpohensomething that should be stroked需要愛撫的東西
pokiwomen's genitals * labia女人的生殖器
pokiA vegetable called komiyat is given this term for a nickname because of its shape.一種蔬菜叫 komiyat 給它一個 poki 的綽號因為它的形狀很像女人生殖器
pokoha section in bamboo or in the body of an animal or person between joints竹的節,動物或人身體上的關節
pokohMakakafit ko kasapokopokoh no tireg.All the parts in the body are joined to each other.身體的各關節是相連的
polahikchicken dung * manure雞糞
polinto fall * with literal and figurative meanings跌倒,摔倒,陷落,含字面比喻的意思
polinAno romakat kiso 'i, aka ka po'lin.Don't fall when you walk.你走路時可不要跌倒
polinMapolinto ko kitakit ita.Our country has fallen.我們的國家被打倒了,我們的國家亡了
polin'Odoten nira koya tamdaw a mipolin.He attacked the man and knocked him down.他攻擊並打倒那個人
politato discern * to look into making an investigation of辨認,看清楚,鑑別
polo'a bird * Bamboo Partridge鷓鴣鳥
polo'ten * a group of ten十,十的羣數
polo'tosa a polo'two groups of ten * twenty二十
pologall * all together全體,團體,全部
pologMapolog kita a hok.Let's all eat lunch together.我們一起吃午飯
pologPologen ko paro no loma' a masa'opo.Have all the family gather together.讓全家人團聚
pologO kapologan a sa'opo konini.This is a gathering for all who belong (to a group * as for example a church denomination).這是全體的聚合
pologSakapologan han nagra ko tayal ato dafog.They shared together their work and possessions.我們一起工作並分享所得,他們共同工作並共有財產
polola basket very loosely woven籃,筐,簍筐
pololprison牢 獄,看守所
pololocto slide down out of position * as for a baby to slide down too low in its mother's back沿背滑落下來,如母親揹在背上的小孩帶鬆了而墜落
ponapona no palidighole in center of wooden wheel for axle一孔在木製車輪的中心點叫車軸
ponegmaponegay * a single person * survivor of the death of one's spouse * widow or widower單身,獨自,鰥夫或寡婦
poni'rotten * referring to flesh or living things or fruit指水果或生物或肉體的腐爛
poni'soft * sticky柔軟的,黏黏的
poni'to bud
popotto wrap an object with something, usually cloth but also leaves or paper纏,捲某事務;通常是指纏衣物
popota bamboo container for needles used in making nets一個竹製的罐子裡面可以放竹針可用來製作魚網
popotPopoten riya Yis to kiradom a pakafoti' i toptop.Mary wrapped Jesus in swaddling clothes and put him to sleep in a trough.馬利亞把耶穌包裏於襁褓中並放置在馬槽裡
poraricto step on and squash the insides of something living用腳踐踏,用力踩碎活的東西
porawto form seed or fruit結果
poroda ball of string or yarn線圈,編紗
porogto roll up hair into a knot and pin on the back of head把頭髮打結按住在頭後
porogto make fancy curls捲成奇特髮捲
porogto take long grass or twine and tie it in a knot to mark a trail in the mountains把蘆葦的末端打結作為記號或信號
porporto disintegrate * fall apart * as anything old like a log long lying in the forest使崩潰,分解;任何一個放置很久的圓木會分解
posakcrumbs * grains of food such as cooked rice飯粒
posia cat * a kitten
posiposi no lotoka wildcat山貓
posira thin skin or shell covering as the inner covering on peanuts皮膚或外殼如花生內部的皮
posirMaposir ko fages no tarodo' ako.The (outer) skin came off my finger.我手指脫皮
posisirto skid * slide on something smooth or slick溜滑,滑行
poskoYuli * the town and surrounding area (from Japanese)玉里鎮及周圍地區 (引自日語)
posogTaitung and the surrounding area台東,寶桑部落名
pota'soil * soft mushy dirt沉澱物,泥漿
potaloutside of the front of the home * area of the threshing floor房子的前庭,曬穀場
potapotto work in the rice field pulling weeds and cultivating young rice plants用手拔田地的雜草
potaya head band or cloth wrapped around the head頭巾或包頭巾
potaya decorative head band裝飾性頭巾
potipota group of tents組織或一個團體
potonto cut off * referring to someone or thing with a stump from a missing limb切斷,指動物或人斷肢
potonMapoton ko wikol noya posi.That cat's tail is bobbed.那隻貓的尾巴被切斷,那隻貓的尾巴被剪短
potonMapoton ko kamay noya sigsi.That preacher has lost his arm.那位老師的手臂斷掉
powakto burst open * as the contents of a sack破裂,爆發, 劈開,爆破
powarto gush out * referring to water湧出,噴出,指水勢
poyapoyto conceive * become pregnant * referring both to plants and animal humans懷孕,指生物之含苞待放或動物及人類之懷孕
poyapoyMapoyapoy anini ko panay.The rice is now in flower.現在水稻已含苞待放了
poyapoyCipoyapoy riya Yisan.Mary conceived Jesus.馬利亞懷了耶穌
poyapoy'onen ko poyapoy iso.Be careful of the babe in your belly.你懷孕時要小心
prarto collapse into ruins倒塌,崩塌
prarto landslide山崩
prarMaprarto koya lotok.The mountain came sliding down.那座山倒塌,山崩
prawa skin rash痲疹
precto squeese out * as to extract juice擠壓出來
precto show disrespect for so that the person has no way to express himself表示不尊重,所以那人不知道如何表現自己
procto slide dowm脫落,滑落
procMataproc ko kafer nira.His trousers don't stay up.他的褲子脫落
psi'to smash dead * as an insect壓死,如昆蟲
psi'to squeeze juice壓榨擠汁出來
psi'Mapsi' nira ko damdam i kohaw.He squeezed pepper juice into the soup.他把辣椒擠碎混在湯裡
pyayokaa plant called Thladiantha nudiflora Hemsl.青牛膽
pyomathe Pyuma tribe neighboring the Amis卑南族